Green Bikini

Sexy bikini girl

Lexi Lowe looking amazing by the pool

August Ames Cowgirl

Cowgirl bikini in the pool

I love a sexy cowgirl!

Pink Micro Bikini

Another v-string bikini. They look so amazing on a tight round ass!

Under Boob & Side Boob

tiny bikini under boob and side boob

I love under boob, and I love side boob, so getting them both together is really amazing!

Jennifer Ann At The Pool

Big perfect breasts on British babe

Love those big beautiful breasts!

Aquarium Babe

Sexy girl topless and wet

I want a new fish tank in my den, and I want it filled with hot naked women!

State Of The Hut 2017

I started this website in 1999, so 2019 will be our 20 year anniversary. I can hardly believe  I have been running this site for so long. In that time, I have seen the rise and fall of the adult industry. With no one paying for pro anymore, it is really hard to make a profit. I haven’t made a profit in several years, it just so happens that this is a hobby for me, and I don’t mind dipping into my own pocket to bank roll it. As the industry changed, I failed to keep up. I used to have a server just to serve advertisements, and was serving around 2.4 million add views a year, now I would guess only several thousand a year.

That being said I have a lot of websites, and some that don’t get enough traffic for me to justify keeping them. I am going to be either rolling them into other sites, or killing them off completely.

Sites I have no intention of closing

Sites I am going to close or roll into other sites

I also own two more adult domains that I am not ready to make public yet since they are being worked on. They are a larger departure form the format of my current sites, and I really hope that you all will like them.

So that is the current state of my websites. I am looking forward to rolling out my new site(s) and I hope you will all really enjoy them. I hope to have at least the first done in February.

Happy a merry Christmas, and a happy new year, and be safe!



Dani Anderson big juicy boobs

Fresh juicy pineapples

Tiny Yellow Bikini

Teenbabe in a yellow bikini on the beach

I like the crochet bikinis that have become more popular. It might be in part because of the beautiful women wearing them, but it is also the cut and the way they fit!

Dessert In The Desert

Who girls in bikinis make out

Would love to get doubled up on by these two amazing looking women!